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Prospector Questions

What is Prospector?

Prospector is a union catalog of over fifty academic, public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Prospector gives library patrons and staff access to more than 30 million books, journals, DVDs, CDs, videos and other materials held in the Prospector member libraries. With a single search, patrons can find materials and request free delivery to their local library via the Colorado Library Courier. 

What should I do if a book that my library borrowed from a Prospector library is lost or damaged?

  • Prospector considers a book to be lost after no more than  55 days. 
  • No money is exchanged between libraries for lost items, but some Prospector libraries will accept a replacement copy in lieu of payment. A list of libraries that will accept a replacement copy is available on the Prospector web page at: https://www.coalliance.org/sites/default/files/ProspectorReplacementPolicyUpdated6212.pdf
  • Each library will determine the price they will bill to their own patrons for lost Prospector items. Negotiations with patrons on the replacement of books or reduction in fees are determined by the borrowing library. 

How can I contact another library with a Prospector concern?

How can I get statistics about my library’s Prospector activity?

Prospector statistics for your individual library can be generated online at: http://prospector.coalliance.org/iii/innreach/InnReachUserLogin.html

Login using: 

initials: tf

password: taskforce

From the reports portal, you can generate reports on fulfillments, requests, and cancellations, with selected sort options and date ranges.

System-wide Fulfillment, Requests, and Cancellation reports, with a variety of filtering options, are also available to view at: http://prospector.coalliance.org:4444/olinkpatrep/report2/0/ 

Finally, the Alliance posts monthly statistical reports that you can download here: 


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