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Like any community, the SWIFT/Prospector community is made up of many parts working together to make a much larger ecosystem happen. It is important to know who to contact for each part of this ecosystem.

Self Help: We have created a series of self help resources for you to use to help you move past issues that do not require human intervention other than your own. Our knowledge base will provide you with resources that will help you grow your skills and knowledge about the Prospector service and the resource sharing scene in general.

SWIFT/Prospector Members: If you are one of the 146 libraries that the Colorado State Library has included in the migration from VDX to Prospector INN-Reach, you are being supported by the Colorado State Library staff for your support needs. Your contact for all questions and support issues would be Marisa Wood at But the best way to make sure that your question is put into the queue in the proper order would be to send all questions or issues to the You can also send support questions to the team via the ticketing system. Both methods will put you in the support queue.

You can also stay up-to-date on all things SWIFT and Prospector by subscribing to the SWIFT Listserv, which we use to to communicate about things like software upgrades, system downtime, and updates about the SWIFT service. It is also a venue for SWIFT users to  discuss issues and questions related to the use of the Prospector/INN-Reach platform. To subscribe, or update your subscription preferences, visit

Prospector Members: If you are an independent prospector member library, and do not gain access to Prospector through the agreement between the Colorado State Library and the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, you are being supported by the Alliance directly for all of your Prospector needs. Your contact for all questions and support issues would be Rose Nelson at

Courier and Material Delivery/Pickup Issues: If your troubles lie with the physical moving around of materials, like courier pickup and delivery, missing items, and that nature, you will need to contact the CLiC offices as they are the keepers of the Statewide Courier service. CLiC has a support ticket system for all courier inquiries, complaints, or feedback and that can be found here: Here you can report everything from the need for more courier totes to the loss of or damage to an item or more. Your human contact on the other end is Randon Robb and he can be reached at