Pathways to Participation

Full Prospector: These are libraries that have individual subscriptions with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries for Prospector outside of the SWIFT/Prospector merger. They participate in patron initiated borrowing and also lend holdings to other organizations. These institutions mainly consist of large and small public and private academic institutions as well as large public library systems. Some special libraries are also part of this group. Full Prospector libraries either connect directly to the INN-Reach server or connect via the Resource Sharing Broker (RSB) depending if they use an Innovative Interfaces ILS or not.

SWIFT/Prospector Full Borrowing and Lending via Direct Access: This group of libraries connects directly to the Prospector INN-Reach Server because the institution’s ILS is an Innovative Interface’s product. It is the simplest connection, and has the best user experience, but is not available to many of the libraries within the state. Libraries using Sierra, Millennium, and Polaris fall into this group.

SWIFT/Prospector Full Borrowing and Lending via the D2IR API: The Direct to INN-Reach API, is a method of connecting a non-Innovative Interfaces (III) ILS directly the the INN-Reach server. The API, or application programming interface, is developed by an ILS provider in partnership with III, to create code that will translate the necessary functionality (requests, checkouts, returns, renewals, etc.) of one ILS to the other, resulting in a direct connection to the INN-Reach server. At the present time, the only ILS provider that has successfully configured the API for D2IR is Bywater Koha. Libraries using Bywater Koha as their ILS will be able to make use of this direct link functionality. AspenCat makes use of Bywater Koha and are connecting to the Prospector service via D2IR.

SWIFT/Prospector Full Borrowing and Lending via the Resource Sharing Broker: This group of libraries can borrow and lend within the Prospector service, but need to connect to the Resource Sharing Broker (RSB) in order to make the magic happen.  The RSB is a slimmed down ILS that sits between the INN-Reach server and the non-Innovative ILS. The main function of the RSB is to translate messages (requests, checkouts, returns, renewals, etc.) from the non-Innovative ILS to the INN-Reach server.

SWIFT/Prospector Borrowing Only: There are some instances where a library does not have the ability to be a lender as well as a borrower. Examples of this situation can be found with small libraries that are not automated or do not have their holdings in an accessible online service, or libraries that are part of the Colorado Correctional network, who do not lend their materials for security reasons. Libraries in this group do not load their holdings to the Prospector catalog, but take advantage of staff initiated borrowing.

Buddy System Participation: There are some institutions that are not able to participate directly in the prospector system because of the nature of their seasonal activity. This group mainly consists of school libraries that are only open during certain times of the year and often do not have dedicated library staff to ensure that the flow of materials is not delayed or hung up because of closed periods like summer break. For these institutions the State Library and the Alliance are creating buddy relationships between school libraries and their local public libraries. School libraries can be an additional staff member for the buddy public library and borrow items, working with the buddy public library to ensure that the requested material is picked up from and delivered back to the buddy public library when it is no longer needed. For more information regarding this school and public library partnership, contact