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SWIFT/Prospector Statistics for AspenCat Libraries

Prospector Staff-Initiated Borrowing Statistics

Prospector statistics for your individual library for material requested prior to July 31, 2023 can be generated online at: http://prospector.coalliance.org/iii/innreach/InnReachUserLogin.html

Login using: 

initials: tf

password: taskforce

From the reports portal, you can generate reports on fulfillments, requests, and cancellations, with selected sort options and date ranges.

Prospector-Koha Direct Integration Statistics

Prospector statistics for borrowing and lending on/after July 31, 2023 can be generated in the Koha reports module:

Borrowing Data: Report 2678 – Circulation by Item Type (Type = ILL and ILL 7)

Lending Data: Report 4396 – Prospector Lending By Item Type

PLAR 2023

If your library participated in Prospector as a Staff-Initiated Borrower (using the Millenium RSB client), for your 2023 PLAR reports, you will need to gather and compile data from both sources. After the 2023 reporting period, you will gather all Prospector ILL statistics from the Koha reports module. 

Libraries that did not participate in Prospector as a Staff-Initiated Borrower need only use the reports provided in the Koha reports module. 

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